My goal is to support creatives who strive to make their passion into a living as well as small business with the support and knowledge to create a successful business. I can help you to find the right tools, bring structure to your day-to-day activities and make the cumbersome administrative task every business comes with easier.

Florian Marschoun

Originally from Vienna, Austria I studied business at the Vienna University of Business Administration and Economics and at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. After completing my formal education I worked for several years in the area of finance in one of Austria’s largest manufacturing companies. In 2012 I traveled around the world for a year and met my amazing wife Aundrea. In 2014 we finally got to be in on place together, first in Hawaii and now in Western Massachusetts, and since then we run our photography business. I love nature and hiking in the woods for New England gives me the energy for every day life.

My Philosophy

Combining my formal background of Business Administration with the experience in running my own small business, I know the challenges you face when starting your own enterprise first hand. Working together with my clients I help them to identify the hurdles which keep them from being successful and develop a practical approach to tackle them one by one.